Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a durable and tough resin that when spread onto floors provides flooring that is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and wear and tear.

Why choose TWC?

We at The Works Contractors  (TWC) are the commercial flooring  experts, specialising in the application of epoxy flooring in Gaborone and across the country for businesses and the building industry. We have applied epoxy flooring to businesses in hospitality, beverage, warehousing, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail and many other industries, and with our experience and expertise have developed a reputation as the epoxy flooring specialists.

Our seamless, impervious epoxy floor coating systems that can be applied as a standard roll-coat, 3-6mm trowel floor or a 3mm self-levelling system, and all with varying degrees of slip resistance.

Epoxy Coating for data Centers

Provides a clean, dust free, hard wearing, abrasion resistant floor finish. Available in a wide range of colours.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coating for garages & workshops

Durable, chemical, oil and grease resistant floor finish. Contrasting colours available for non-slip pedestrian walkways. Available in a wide range of colours.

Epoxy coating for stairs

Hard wearing, abrasion resistant. Available in non-slip for added safety. Light colours reflect light in darkly lit stairwells. Available in a wide range of colours.

Epoxy coating for retail premises

Decorative coating which is easily cleaned and brightens up a small space. Resistant to food and beverage stains. Available in a wide range of colours

Industrial Flooring

Why go with epoxy?
There are several reasons to go with epoxy flooring over the standard flooring solution.

Easy to clean

Epoxy is easily cleaned and maintained. It is therefore ideal of high traffic areas where dirt quickly accumulates.

Highly durable and protective

Our epoxy surface solution is ideal for all heavy-duty areas and is a superior alternative to vinyl and/or ceramic tiles. This is because of its durability and ability to withstand immense wear and tear. Epoxy flooring is also highly resistant to chemicals. It protects new floors and renews old floors, making it an ideal resin for durability and protectiveness.

Saves you money

Maintenance costs are reduced as epoxy is super easy to clean, more durable and damage-resistant, and can be efficiently repaired.

Safe and healthy for your business

Epoxy meets all industry, legislative, health and safety requirements for floors and walls. It is non-slip and abrasion resistant, making it safe and easy to work with. Furthermore, it does not harbour bacteria and is safe and effective to work with in high or low temperatures.

Epoxy Flooring

At TWC, we provide a large range of textures and colours from the AS2700 epoxy flooring colour chart. Colour matching can also be achieved, so your organisation can have as close to the colour of flooring you are wanting.

We can provide you with the most stunning versatile floors that are limited only by your imagination! We believe that epoxy floors can be about capturing individuality, enabling your project to take on a unique dimension and standing out from your competitors.

We have an extremely vast range of finishes available from single colours, twin colours, cloud finishes, pearl finishes, glitters finishes, polished concrete, vinyl flakes and floors to meet the requirements of any project. We are also able to custom design a flooring solution for any project.

Our jobs have ranged all through Gaborone and surrounding areas and many other manufacturing and industrial warehousing projects around major towns in Botswana. We are ready and able with all expertise, experience and resources to take on your flooring project anywhere in Botswana and beyond!


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