When it comes to waterproofing, quality and performance is paramount. Water always has a way of finding itself into areas and causing damage. It’s important that waterproofing be performed to the highest degree of quality, with no shortcuts taken so as to be reliable and will last long into the future.

Why choose TWC?

At The Works Contractors  (TWC) we are regarded as industry leaders in waterproofing and perform every job with the highest degree of care and quality. We seek to undertake every waterproofing job as if it is our own property and ensure that you, the client, is fully satisfied.

Our service includes the waterproofing of rooftops, basements, balconies, bathrooms, showers, car park decks along with other spaces in all types of structures. Furthermore, our waterproofing process involves inspections and checklists for a QA perspective to ensure that a project is successfully waterproofed.

Just a few of the typical spaces we waterproof:

Basements and Rooftops

We also waterproof flat and sloped roofs, roof gardens, terraces, podiums and balconies, and water and effluent treatment tanks.

For these areas, we use a single or twin layer systems depending on the application. Bentonite, bitumen or polyurethane membranes can be installed to these areas mentioned as well as below grade structures where a protective final finish or covering is to be applied.

Below grade structures can be waterproofed in a bentonite sheets system and be fully covered in a full manufactures supply and install warranty (Hydroshield Warranty).

NWIF utilises a number of brands from leading industry manufacturers when installing sheet applied membranes systems.

Furthermore, our waterproofing process involves inspections and checklists for a QA perspective to ensure that a project is successfully waterproofed.

Trafficable Decks and Vehicle & Pedestrian Decks

We are experts in ensuring that car park decks, balconies, plaza decks, apartment rooftops and plant rooms are properly and effectively waterproofed.

To do this effectively, we apply a special liquid moisture-cure polyurethane, which is a seamless waterproofing membrane that we use with an integral aggregate surface. We incorporate skid resistant textures for safety as required. At National Waterproofing and Industrial Flooring, we always ensure that the job is done to the highest quality, which means that the deck, once complete, is fully safe for use and operation.

At TWC, we provide a large range of textures and colours from the AS2700 epoxy flooring colour chart. Colour matching can also be achieved, so your organisation can have as close to the colour of flooring you are wanting.

Our waterproofing services extend beyond mere functionality; they embody creativity and individuality, transforming spaces into captivating environments that stand out among competitors. From basement waterproofing to rooftop and traffic deck solutions, we offer a diverse range of stunning epoxy flooring options limited only by your imagination.

With an extensive array of finishes available, including single colors, twin colors, cloud finishes, pearl finishes, glitter finishes, polished concrete, and vinyl flakes, we cater to the unique requirements of every project. Our commitment to customization ensures that we can tailor a flooring solution precisely to your specifications, enabling your project to achieve a distinctive identity.

Having undertaken projects across Gaborone, surrounding areas, and numerous manufacturing and industrial warehousing sites in major towns throughout Botswana, our expertise, experience, and resources are ready to tackle flooring projects both locally and beyond. Trust us to bring your vision to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to excellence.


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