Integrating House Renovations Within The Perth Landscape


It’s no surprise that house renovations in Perth are growing in popularity day-by-day, as West Australian homeowners look to extend, update and improve on their existing foundations. Motivations either range from wanting to add value to the property whilst the local property market is tipped for continual growth, or to accommodate growing families, or simply to introduce new lifestyle functionality to improve comfort and liveability.

Whatever the reason behind your renovation, it pays to consider the styles of the surrounding property types and local real estate “before” you go drawing up plans.

We explore why this is the case, and how you can ensure your renovation fits your brief, whilst seamlessly incorporating itself into your neighbourhood – after all, nobody likes an eyesore!

The Varying Styles Of House Renovations In Perth

One of the most magical parts of our Perth community is the multi-cultural mix of heritages, backgrounds and influences, which help to not only drive our community culture, but we can see these influences also spilling over into property styles.

Perth has always enjoyed a wide range of property styles, with some areas in particular, having their own style and cultural influence – something to take into consideration ahead of drawing up your plans.

From the Art Deco styles of Mount Lawley and Menora, to the Federation Bungalow style architecture of Highgate and Inglewood, through to the coastal mansions of Swanbourne and Cottesloe, residential suburbs play a huge role in the style of house renovations in Perth.

Working With The Right Renovation Builders

Whilst there are some renovations which seek to introduce a new style that stands out in the local street, like the case in our Modular Extension in Como, most homeowners choose to blend in with the surrounding style to assimilate into the local community.

If you are considering the latter, it’s essential to ensure you work with a building renovations expert in Perth, who has knowledge and experience in renovating the type of property you have, as well as within the suburb you live.

We previously released an article entitled Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Perth Renovations Company, which focused on the main selection criteria for finding the right renovations provider – definitely worth a read if you’re in the early stages of a house renovation for your Perth home.

On top of these tips, it’s specifically important to ensure the experience of that builder matches the style, design, look and feel you’re after, whilst ensuring your property doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb on your suburban street. We cover this off in our article Preserving Legacy When Renovating Character Homes, which specifically looks at undertaking modern renovations which also retain the uniqueness and style of character homes.

Experience Is Everything

Since 2011, Nexus has helped countless West Australian households renovate their homes to suit a range of styles and functions, and we’ve worked all throughout the metro area, so we have a deep understanding of specific suburban architecture. Take a look at our Gallery Of Projects for a taste of what we’ve delivered.

One thing that holds true with every job, we always consider the surrounding suburban landscape within our suggested designs.

With over 20 years’ experience in the local renovations market, Matthew Keogh, the Director of Nexus Homes Group, explains the importance of listening to client needs and offering advice based on past experience. He explains,

“At Nexus, we believe the renovations process isn’t about us, it’s entirely about our clients, and our role is to listen to their specific needs, expectations and requirements and then to deliver.

Whilst the final design decision ultimately sits with the client, where we can provide notable value, is in our ability to guide clients on the best renovation styles according to their specific suburb.”

Our Marquee House Renovations Throughout Perth

Clients are often looking for contemporary house renovations to uplift their Perth property with a fresh new design, without too much consideration of the surrounding neighbourhood. At the end of the day, home is where the heart is, and your home is where you can exude your own unique style.

Whilst the former is more common, we also see regular design briefs from clients looking to modernise their home, whilst maintaining the character and legacy of the existing framework. On top of this, they are also wanting to ensure their new renovation blends in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, in order to keep within the styles of their neighbourhood.

When we get these briefs, our designers’ eyes light up with the possibilities and we reveal in the challenge!

Below are some examples of when we’ve delivered these kinds of projects for clients, with a look at the specific property styles that formed the backbone of the renovation designs.

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