5 Important Factors to consider when choosing a contractor


You want to build a new home, block of flats, office building or commercial property. You know how much you want to spend and you have a deadline for the project’s completion. The only thing left is the most important one, picking a builder.  Choosing the right construction company is often the difference between a […]

5 Tips for Planning Your Second Storey Addition in Perth

A perfect solution for local residents who love their home’s location, but are restricted by their block and land size is a second storey addition in the Perth suburbs. The extra space is often needed for growing families, guests, storage, or even changes to your lifestyle requirements. Whilst a second storey can address the need for more space […]

Why Perth Is Embracing Modular Extensions

It is common for Perth families to consider buying larger homes as their family grows, but another option that has become increasingly popular Australia-wide is to upsize your existing property with prefabricated modular extensions. Whilst a less commonly known building technique, homeowners are seeing the value in upgrading their existing dwelling with modular extensions, and this […]

Integrating House Renovations Within The Perth Landscape

It’s no surprise that house renovations in Perth are growing in popularity day-by-day, as West Australian homeowners look to extend, update and improve on their existing foundations. Motivations either range from wanting to add value to the property whilst the local property market is tipped for continual growth, or to accommodate growing families, or simply […]

Going Modular in Second Storey Extensions in Gaborone

Whether it’s a growing family or simply a desire for more space, Perth households are increasingly turning to second storey extensions to transform their home. Expanding your existing home by adding a modular second storey extension is a hassle-free and efficient option for homeowners wishing to avoid the lengthy and disruptive process of traditional builds. […]