Why Perth Is Embracing Modular Extensions


It is common for Perth families to consider buying larger homes as their family grows, but another option that has become increasingly popular Australia-wide is to upsize your existing property with prefabricated modular extensions.

Whilst a less commonly known building technique, homeowners are seeing the value in upgrading their existing dwelling with modular extensions, and this article highlights 6 advantages of choosing prefabricated modular extensions over traditional building methods in Perth.

What Are Modular Extensions?

This modern building technique involves smart, prefabricated designs which integrate to fit into an existing home, whilst blending into the existing foundations seamlessly. The extensions are built off-site, before being transported on-site for installation with minimal disruption.

Depending on the layout of your property and the existing dwelling, the modular addition can take the form of a ground floor extension, a second storey extension, or both in some cases.

When choosing a partner for your modular extension in Perth, ensure you are choosing an experienced builder with a focus on attention to detail, who can guide you throughout the process from vision to completion. If you need some help choosing the right company to go with, we advise browsing our article Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Perth Renovations Company .

The Advantages Of Modular Extensions in Perth

With over 20 years of experience building renovations and custom-designed homes as a carpenter and builder, our Director (Matt), shares his insight from past customers on why Perth families are choosing to go with modular extensions.

“The convenience and quality of modular construction for 2 storey additions in Perth make it hard to justify a standard on-site build if the modular option is available. If you can have the same thing, for the same price with 6 weeks on-site versus 6 months, it really does make it a no-brainer”.

Here are some clear advantages that modular extensions have over of traditional builds and why modular extensions are trending in the Perth property market.

1. Adaptable Designs

Small blocks with existing dwellings can now be looked upon in a different light when considering the need for more space. This is certainly the case in several desirable locations within Perth, and in major cities on the east coast.

Every project is unique, be it the existing structure, the layout of the property, or the growing need for more space. As a result, this makes the initial consultation and design phase arguably the most important of the renovation project. Your builder will typically use this phase to understand your vision, discuss the options, and help you bring it to life.

With fully integrated and innovative designs, Nexus Homes Group carry out modular upgrades consisting of small projects involving 1 or 2 pods, up to significant second-story additions involving up to 7 pods.

2. It’s Faster

Time is always one of the biggest considerations and a key reason why more Perth homeowners are choosing to go with modular extensions. With project managers balancing schedules to ensure the job is completed on time and within budget, reduced construction periods mean faster build times, and faster builds mean better efficiencies.

3. It’s Less Disruptive

Choosing to stay and upgrade instead of moving to a larger home, is inevitably met with the disruption to your home and your family schedule. Since modular extensions are built off-site, where budget permits, Perth families are choosing to renovate an entire project at once, rather than staging the upgrade. This further reduces the period of disruption not only in your home, but also in the neighbours.

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